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Methods of Minimizing and Suppressing the Correlation Noise of Simultaneously Operating Sources in a Vibroseismic Survey

А.Н. Ошкин, А.И. Коньков, А.В. Тарасов, А.А. Шувалов

A seismologiсal survey with several simultaneous sources provides more data per time unit than aconventional one with a single source, and presents an opportunity to improve the seismic recording system. Depending on the type of seismic source (vibrating or pulse), different methods of deblending should be used. Deblending of vibroseismic signals source becomes possible at the stage of correlation processing of vibro-grams. In this paper, we report the methods for generating non-correlating signals for a vibroseismic survey (with an example of applying such signals to synthetic data) and hyperbolic median filtering to minimize correlation and incoherent noise.


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